#14: Etiquette



Frame 1:
Blue1: Ah-Choo!
Blue2: Bless You!
Blue1: With What?
Blue2: I don't know. Its just what people say. I guess I never thought about it ... "Good Health"?

Frame 2:
Green: Ah-Choo!
Blue: Good Health
Green: Are you an atheist?
Blue: Huh? Now, Why?
Green: You don't say "Bless You"
Blue: I just thought I'd be specific

Frame 3:
Red: Ah-Choo!
Blue: Get over it! And Cover your Mouth!

Frame N:
Funny thing is, If you say 'gesundheit' -- the German for 'Good Health' -- no one questions it.

2007-08-22 11:00:00 GMT-5


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