#16: Harmless Glow

Harmless Glow


Frame 1:
Blue: What's the best spell?
Green: 'Fireball' -- its powerful!
Blue: but 'Heal' can undo your fireball!
Three: 'Harmless Glow'
Blue: Shhh!

Frame 2:
Green: Not if it kills them!
Blue: You can 'Raise' them
Green: Better yet: 'Resurrect'? It's like 'Raise' plus 'Heal'!
Three: 'Harmless Glow'
Blue: How about 'Silence'?
Three: How about ...

Frame 3:
Three: Harmless Glow!
Blue: Ahh!
Green: Ahh!

Frame N:
Mostly Harmless

2007-09-05 20:00:00 GMT-5


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