#37: Thanketron


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Frame 1:
Green: Why did you flash your hazard lights at the car you passed?
Blue: It means ‘Thank you’.

Frame 2:
Green: Huh... I never heard about that before. How can you be sure they understand that?
Blue: I’ll show you when we get home...

Frame 3:
Blue: With this ThanketronTM flashing “Thank You” bumper sticker wired to my hazard lights, I know I’m doing my part to prevent road rage!
Green: Genius!

Frame N:
"Cut me off?! ... Oh, he must have thought I was letting him in, I guess that's ok. :)"

2008-01-23 00:00:00 GMT-5


Character acrobots by Hog Wild purchased at ThinkGeek.

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