#5: Meeting People

Meeting People

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I had a dream, it ran like a TV commercial, dark, back alley, it's raining, there's one source of artificial light that glares on the dark wet road. A car approaches. A man, in its path, calls out in lojban for it to stop, it does. the driver, an attractive female, clearly visible inspite of the poor lighting is friendly, and engages the man in conversation, saying something absurd. -cut- they drive off together


Frame 1:
Sometimes I imagine meeting people in the strangest way.
Blue: ko sisti

Frame 2:
Blue: Phew! That was close! Wait, you speak Lojban!?
Red: Well, 90% ... ... In case of emergencies like this

Frame 3:

Frame N:
Do you think you'll be the guy... To make the queen of the angels sigh?

2007-07-02 12:00:00 GMT-5


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