#58: Quantum Tunneling

Quantum Tunneling


Frame 1:
Blue: Doctor Tunnel!
Red: What is it Doctor Quantum?

Frame 2:
Blue: I've discovered a glitch in the Matrix!
Red: What is it Doctor Quantum?

Frame 3:
Blue: It seems to be a precision error in the collision detection subroutines!
Red: What is it Doctor Quantum?

Frame 4:
Blue: Whenever a sufficiently small object travels sufficiently fast toward a sufficiently thin barrier it passes through!

Frame 5:
Red: Have the humans noticed?
Blue: It seems they have.
Red: PERL! Initiate protocol E.

Frame 6:
Blue: What is it Doctor Tunnel?
Red: You have to go in as a scientist and mislead their studies. Oh, and give this a name to demystify it
Blue: How about "Quantum Tunneling"?

2009-01-18 12:50:00 GMT-5


Character acrobots by Hog Wild purchased at ThinkGeek.

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